Sensors and IoT

Actegra AB exists in the intersection between electrical, mechanical, and software engineering and can provide a holistic approach to product development in the area of sensor and IoT technology. We develop sensors and products for data collection and processing.
PCB Design

Electronics and PCB Design

Modern electronic equipment, even in simpler products, typically incorporates one or more programmable element that relies on software for operation.

EMC Testing

Our EMC lab is equipped with instrumentation and equipment for early EMC pre-compliance testing and troubleshooting for some of the most common EMC standards on emission and immunity.
EMC Testing

Experience and Capability

Since 2009, Actegra AB has been developing products and prototypes using in-house equipment and knowledge.


About Actegra AB

Actegra AB is a company that focuses on product development, specializing in embedded electronics and wireless communication. We have a 15+ yrs experience on working with early product development, proof-of-concept, and prototype development and testing. IoT, wireless communication and embedded systems are specialist areas that most product development is centered around. We have a comprehensive workshop equipped with electronics lab, SMD soldering, CNC machining, 3D-printing and EMC testing capabilities which allows for rapid development cycles.


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